This is a rp made for my awesometastilistic friends., D
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 Characters! (Aka creativity tiems! )

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My Dear Juliet
My Dear Juliet

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PostSubject: congratulations, go home now.   Characters! (Aka creativity tiems! ) - Page 2 EmptySun Jul 17, 2011 1:02 am

Name: Rem-Themis Holling
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: American
Age: 17
Birth Date: January 20th.
Mental stability: stable
Emotional stability: stable
Orientation/Sexual Preference: None.
Appearance: Pure white skin with matching pure white hair that has circles, dots & shapes in various sizes at the top, with the tips of his hair being varying colours, depending on the day. He has intricate, full-body marks that he's always had; they change shapes & colours & the colours match his hair tips. His hair is waist-length and straight, with lots of bangs that completely cover his right eye. His left eye colour is a pupil-less black with no whites in his eyes. He has a pair of orange & black horns on his head, which he prides himself on & polishes them once a week. He's rather lanky, and has no body fat whatsoever. He doesn't like wearing clothes, & can always be seen naked in his own dorm. But he doesn't have any sex organs, so he doesn't really get in trouble. He's nipple-less too. And he has no bellybutton. He hardly looks human. His legs are long, and he doesn't grow any hair on his body.
Clothing Style: Rem takes great pride in himself; he hates rules for wearing clothes. It it's absolutely necessary, he wears things like girl's short-shorts & v-neck shirts with no sleeves. he looks androgenous & it's impossible to tell what gender he is without him telling.
Personality: Rem shows little of emotions. Despite his powers to manipulate other's feelings, it's unknown whether he even has any. (Maybe it will develop more later. O: ))
Religious Views: None.
Powers/Abilities: Rem can transfer feelings/emotions to those around him, with a limit based on distance. He can't influence people over 100 feet away. His abilities range from giving people around him exctasy-like happiness, to severe, life threatening depression. He can also transfer the feelings of physical pain, but not the actual injuries. He can torture people, but he can't physically kill them. If his power gets out of hand, he can torture people until they lose their mind completely. He has a habit of walking around & giving the people around him orgasms for no good reason, besides the fact he finds their reactions amusing. Something he's developing is synestasia, which changes perception of the senses. So he can make others see sounds, taste colours, feel tastes, etc. It's highly unpredictable.
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Rainbow Monstrosity

Rainbow Monstrosity

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Characters! (Aka creativity tiems! ) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Characters! (Aka creativity tiems! )   Characters! (Aka creativity tiems! ) - Page 2 EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 12:46 am

Name: Genevieve Zaira.

Sex: Female.

Appearance: A tall woman with a slim and willowy body. Her hair has gentle waves and it is as long as to reach her knees. Inky-black, from the top of her head and down a rainbow seemed to cascade in ripples constantly. Her fingernails and toenails matched her hair, black with rainbows rippling on each nail.

Clothing Style: A cloak the colour of mauve with the hood up so that it covers half of her face; her nose, lips and chin could only be seen. Pieces of it were cut, like the top of the sleeves: it shows her bare shoulders. Cut at the elbow on both sleeves, it is held to the bottom piece of the sleeves which were longer than her hands, the separate pieces held together by black strings. Also a white tank-top under the cloak that has been ripped in half so that her stomach could be seen. Several black straps of leather criss-crosses over her stomach and over the white pair of shorts that she wears. She also likes to wear leg warmers that are fluffy, matches the colour of her cloak, and billows around her bare feet.

Mental stability: Whether Genevieve is stable or not, she does not let it show. She can seem unstable sometimes, downright insane, but other times she is perfectly sane.

Emotional stability: Genevieve doesn't ever show a hint of emotion. Except for a smirk or a sigh now and then, Genevieve could very well be mistaken for a robot.

Personality: Genevieve doesn't let her personality shine through the mask of indifference she is constantly wearing. Emotionless and ruthless, Genevieve is cold-hearted. She does find amusement in the despair and pain of others.

Powers/abilities: Genevieve can summon phantoms of any type to her; her noble phantasm is that of a thestral. The rest of her powers are unknown--she rarely uses them. Genevieve prefers her beloved black twin circle dragon dagger over her mutant-ism.

Brief history: Genevieve has traveled all over the world her entire life. She never stays in one spot for long.

((I might edit this soon. Seeing as how she's my villain. xD Also, I'm lazy and did a crap job with her description~ Derppp. Here's a picture of what her dagger looks like, though! Very Happy Daggah!))
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Characters! (Aka creativity tiems! )
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