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 Teacher Dorms.

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Rainbow Monstrosity

Rainbow Monstrosity

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PostSubject: Teacher Dorms.   Thu Jun 09, 2011 4:10 pm

So this is where the teachers live and sleep! It's not like the student dorms and there aren't any rules. The rooms are much larger and nicer, complete with a tiny kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. And a balcony. Kind of like an apartment building I guess, but much nicer. x3

Hrm. Perhaps there should be a pool. Yeah. A pool behind the Teacher Dorms that students can use too! Woooo(:
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My Dear Juliet
My Dear Juliet

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PostSubject: Re: Teacher Dorms.   Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:58 pm

Annabel clicked open the door to her dorm, and she stood in the doorway for a second. Everything in her dorm was bright and modern, she didn't spend much time decorating. What she did have, though, was lots of electronics. She found when she was young that the more electronics she was surrounded by, the more energetic and happier she felt.
Couldn't be helped, she supposed. She sauntered over to the window and stared out at the grey, dark sky. Stormy days were her favourite. But she would rather be out on a day like this. She quickly changed into her bathing suit, a two-piece decorated with blue and yellow polka dots. Today would be a perfect day to swim in the teacher's pool.
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PostSubject: Re: Teacher Dorms.   Fri Jun 10, 2011 1:54 am

Jessabelle slowly turned the key in the lock and pushed the door open. She had recently come from the decor store and had an armful of things. Upon first look at the dorm it seemed completely unorganized. There were boxes in every corner just about and the furniture was the only situated and organized-looking thing there. Her first love of the place, of course was the furniture anyway. It was chic and just to her liking with modern taste but a touch of elegance.

The walls were a lovely fresh-coated white which seemed to brighten the space. The window and balcony door let in a steady stream of sunlight. But as much as she wanted to enjoy the beauty of her new place, she had to get to unpacking and straightening out everything so that she could get some order to the beauty. So, setting down the many bags she had, Jessabelle hurried to change clothes then propped the door open, turned on some music then got to work. She sang happily to an upbeat Italian tune and swept away at the hardwood floors. There was no class for her to teach today so she was completely free for the day to get some home cleaning done.

After she finished the exposed flooring, she grabbed a spray bottle and began to clean the windows and the surfaces as well as the doors.

"I guess after this I'll start straightening things out and putting up the decoration and such." She had the idea to decorate everything in in various shades of pink and lavender, her favorite colors. Since everything was white, she figured it needed some kind of color and that was her specialty.
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PostSubject: Re: Teacher Dorms.   

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Teacher Dorms.
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